About AVExim

AVExim came in to existence in November 2016 in Vilnius by a chance meeting of two diverse professionals in different fields and from difference countries.

It is a new born company nevertheless, company's founders are experienced professionals.

Mr. Vivek Bhatnagar is a business economist by profession and is occupied with development and growth of new markets for top manufacturers from India and Asia Pacific for more than 25 years in diverse fields mainly Automobile components, industrial supplies, healthcare and medical devices. His work has taken him to more than 70 countries and he has a very potent network of associates across globe.

Mr. Anatoly Gutynin devoted more than 30 years in doing what he was taught in the Transport University and the Academy of foreign trade, International economic relations and logistics. In his spare time he teaches these subjects at the Moscow State Technical University (MADI). Now he is CEO of X – LOG Ltd, own logistics company in Moscow with high professional team dealing with international and local transportations, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution within Russia and Customs Union. Existing since 2010 X – LOG Ltd has got good reputation and partnership with big range of Russian and world known international companies. Since beginning of this year there is one new department in the company www.x-mag.pro as official partner of AVExim for sales in Moscow and Moscow Region in Russian Rubbles. There is a warehouse with all articles of already customs cleared goods, X – MAG is responsible for invoicing and distribution.

X – LOG is international company,
COO is Mr. Marting Doering and contact person by X – MAG is Mr. Blagoj Nikolov.

Quality and reliable supplies is our main criteria for choosing our suppliers. We'd like to have our company name associated with impeccable products, sales and promotions that we do.

We don't just sell spare parts for trucks and other goods. We are consulting manufacturers what is the best way to promote products on new, unfamiliar markets. We act as guarantors of the purity of commercial transactions. We are bringing to the market new brands from India, Middle and Far East and so on.

We thoroughly check the quality of every product we supply and sell. We do not save money on test benches and invest time on visiting our manufacturer's factories and to collect feedback from their current customers. We want to see and know what exactly we are selling. I can say we are kind of trade – consulting company.

We bring to the table the best of sourcing and logistics. Many traders do not understand and appreciate the importance of logistics. It affects the delivery time and the final price of the product. We managed to combine the three major components of success: external economic activities, financial & legal consulting and logistics.

We already promoted our online store, but nevertheless we are still investing in IT. Geographically we are present in Delhi, Vilnius and Moscow. In 2017 I hope to see two new "AVExim" flags in the capitals of Ukraine and Kazakhstan. And, of course we are expanding our product list. We already sell eight items of spare parts for trucks and the emergence of new quality brands for cars and motorcycles is not far away. We have the comprehensive range of bearings for major industrial applications. Much is being added to our range every week and it will be updated on website in due course.