Welcome to AVExim

It is a well known fact that Russia holds vast and untold business opportunities for Indian businesses.

And it is surprising that Indian companies though visible all over the world markets do not have sizable presence in Russian market. They simply are not able to trade directly with Russian buyers and customers for many reasons without incorporating in Russia and very few are prepared to make that huge investment and strategic decision.

So welcome to AVExim to make it possible.

AVExim was conceived to primarily overcome this situation and to offer a solution which makes it possible to offer high quality Indian products to Russian markets on DDP ( Delivered Duty Paid) basis and also to ensure payments to Indian companies.

We can position your products in market, find the best buyers, promote the brand, stock it for you at our warehouses in Vilnius and Moscow, handle complex logistics, assure timely payments in dollars and Euros.

We can be your guide, your facilitator, your associate and your partner for smooth business with Russian Common Union, Ukraine and Baltic countries.